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What indicators does a leader need to monitor?

Some indicators deserve special and regular monitoring, these elements belong to different services. As a leader or owner of the company you need to consider those factors so that your business goes in the right direction. Contact us at ottaviaholdings for virtual office services in singapore.

First of all, Commercial indicators

Sales level and commercial efficiency are elements to be constantly monitored.  Depending on the company, we can focus on monitoring:

  • The realized turnover as well as its evolution,
  • Distribution of sales by product, sector, distribution channel, customer, commercial, …
  • The evolution of average purchases (or average basket),
  • The conversion rate (prospects in customer, quotation on order),
  • Customer retention rate,
  • The level of the order book,
  • Potential and real market share,

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virtual offices in singapore

Consider production service indicators

The production service indicators mainly concern deadlines, quality and storage, which includes, for example:

  • The respect of the production schedule,
  • The average time of supply and manufacturing,
  • The percentage of use of production tools,
  • The performance and productivity of the teams,
  • The percentage of rejects,
  • The rate and nature of quality feedback,
  • Stock rotation
  • The number of inventories / turnover,

Financial indicators are vital

Cost, cash, the amount and the rate of fixed costs and investments are among the indicators to be monitored by the management of the company. We will follow for example:

  • The payment deadlines suppliers,
  • The ratio of financial expenses / turnover (a threshold of around 3% for example can be fixed),
  • Lines of credit and e discovered used,

DO not forget about administrative indicators

The administrative service indicators mainly concern invoicing and staffing:

  • The average time of payment of the customers,
  • Tracking outstanding amounts per customer,
  • The evolution of administrative costs
  • The percentage of payroll / turnover,
  • Staff turnover,


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